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// Rules //
In order to post here you must refrain from staying off topic. At graphics rating our main two topics of discussion should be to show off a graphic, and have it rated, or to post for help about a certain method or graphic that you are working on. In order to post you must first fill out an application, which will be rated by members with a rating of yes or no. Also, you may include paintings, drawings, etc when applying here. You may not, however include ceramics, pottery, statues etc.

// Application Rules //
You may apply as many times as you like, as long as you wait atleast 24 hours between each application, and each application must consist of different works. Also when applying you must include atleast 5 pieces of art, or if you'd feel it necessary you can post a link to your portfolio.

// Application //
Reffered by?:
Atleast five graphics or portfolio link:

// Moderators //
Currently there are a total of two moderators: liquidaudio, romoe

// Accepted Members //
liquidaudio, romoe, dirty_hippies, shawnycup, killforthis